Women Awakening…circa 1915

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I’m writing a post on the spiritual awakening that seems to be stirring women today, and came across this cartoon–from 1915, when only the Western states of the US granted women the right to vote. I thought it would be great to post. The US elections are coming up very soon, and women are going to play a very significant role in the outcome. For decades women didn’t use their right to vote independently, and simply followed their husbands’ opinions. Today, the loudest voices of women in politics are not progressive, but those who call for a return to…well, what exactly isn’t clear. A throwback traditionalism cross dressing as a new, edgy feminism.

AND–women are awakening and have the potential to change culture at the roots…more on that in my next post. If you want to be part of the leading edge of that awakening, you’ll want to attend Women Forging the Future: Two Days of Myth Busting, Soul Strengthening, and Ecstatic Liberation, November 13-14. Check it out!

2 responses to “Women Awakening…circa 1915”

  1. Joanna says:

    Great cartoon, love that the statue of liberty is a woman, great symbol!!

  2. Nada says:

    “Edgy feminism,” yes, and mis-placed,too. My blood ran cold when I heard Sara Palin proclaim herself a feminist because she “does things that men do.” Meaning;shooting things, fishing things, hammering things, and oh yea, being involved in politics. And of course, Maureen Dowd’s NYTimes column on Hillary’s bid for the W.H.;”A Failed Feminist Test?” highlighting the critisism of her seemingly bi-polar(my word)moment to moment change from too hard and masculine to too emotional and feminine to be President. How could we trust such inconsistency to rule the “free world?” Free world, indeed!

    The Self may be genderless, but there is a whole lot of gender conditioning in consciousness and gender issues inculturated into knee-jerk responses in between here and there, especially when women actually proclaim themselves independent of male culture, that is, they’ve developed into the “genderless realm” enough to respond in the world without having to proclaim,”Look how tough I am!” But that doesn’t mean they are not butting-up against the duality of the double standard that still exists, and God Bless them for fearlessly taking it on, as women of dignity, authenticity and intelligence, because in a political atmosphere where “masturbation as sin” is the topic of discussion, and “mother grizzly bear” is a slogan, women need all the truly Real Women we can get into office; those women who have transcended the double standard to such a degree that they are immovable no matter what they face. THAT is an edge we can get behind and push into with body,mind and soul.

    Keep it up, Liz!


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