For the 100th Anniversary of Int’l Women’s Day

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As our sisters in Egypt risked their lives by marching in Tahrir Square today, it made me think about those of us in the West who have already won the right to walk where we please, say what we want, and pretty much do want we want with our lives. Even so, the changes here have been relatively recent, and the patterns in our psyches to take the subordinate position and to hold onto our sense of having been wronged, victimized, are still so strong. Somehow I can’t help but think that our sisters in Egypt would want us to step beyond these patterns and take up the responsibility that comes with opportunity. We are very much missing at the top.

So, while I find the video below very powerful–and realize that many women even in the West are struggling for self-determination and safety–I want this to be a reminder to those of us who are so privileged that we have an obligation to make all the difference we can:

Because, as Sheryl Sandberg says so powerfully in this video, too many of us are opting out of leadership, pulling back before we even get a chance to show the difference we might make.

One response to “For the 100th Anniversary of Int’l Women’s Day”

  1. Ingrid says:

    Thanks for posting these videos Elizabeth.. Sheryl Sandberg’s talk particularly struck me. She calls on each of us to step up and speak out (and go beyond our conditioning) and share responsibility with men to create a better world for the future. What is most striking is her own autonomous stand as a woman and a leader, and her care for the world that we live in – it is her example which has such impact. A very important and powerful example and message for all of us on this 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day.


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